New Phase Technologies

New Phase Technologies offers a wide range of polyethylene and alpha olefin-based polymers that improve the performance and enhance aesthetics of personal care products. Our technologies provide thickening, structure, and stabilization in a wide variety of applications. The superior film-forming properties of New Phase Technologies polymers can boost SPF; provide superior water resistance and durability while imparting a light, smooth feel to formulations.

PERFORMA V™ Polymers

PERFORMA V™ Polymers are olefin-based polymers, which provide a wide array of formulation and consumer benefits. PERFORMA V 825, 103 and 260 Polymers enhance shine and form conditioning, protective films. They are very compatible with petroleum-based oils and are easy to handle. PERFORMA V 6112 Polymer is a functional polymer, which boosts SPF and gives superior water resistance and durability to sunscreen and other cosmetic products. This new polymer demonstrates outstanding film-forming performance to enhance your sunscreen formulations.

PERFORMALENE™ Polyethylenes

PEFORMALENE™ Polyethylenes are linear polymers that offer a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits. Most notably, these materials add structure and stability to cosmetic stick formulations due to their compatibility with many common cosmetic oils. They are also excellent film formers, which aid in the delivery of actives while imparting a light feel.

New Phase Technologies offers several grades of PERFORMALENE Polyethylenes.


PERFORMALENE™ M Waxes are new, greener, synthetic waxes for demanding cosmetic formulations. The process for making these new lower melting structuring waxes provides outstanding technical properties with a decreased environmental footprint in both energy usage and waste. These linear and crystalline waxes provide good structuring for many cosmetic oils, while their low melting points compared with traditional waxes open up new opportunities in systems, which utilize volatile oils, contain heat sensitive ingredients, or are water emulsified. New Phase Technologies offers three grades of PERFORMALENE M Waxes: 70, 80, and 90, with melting points ranging from 70°C to 90°C (158°F to 194°F).


PERFORMACOL™ Alcohols are long-chain, linear alcohols which give formulation flexibility and enhanced consumer benefits. These materials have a unique ability to thicken silicones and other cosmetic oils. Their compatibility with these oils give formulations superior stability and structure. They are excellent film formers which condition the hair and skin while delivering actives. They also provide good water resistance and durability to cosmetic and sun care formulations. PERFORMACOL Alcohols come in three grades: 350, 425, and 550.


Ethoxylates are long chain, ethoxylated alcohols which provide primary and secondary emulsification. Their ability to disperse heavy pigments provides rich, even color upon application. PEFORMATHOX™ Ethoxylates have a unique light, silky feel, perfect for today’s cosmetic formulations.

PERFORMATHOX Ethoxylates come in a wide HLB range, which accommodates different compatibility and functionality for a variety of formulation needs. High HLB products provide excellent water thickening.