PETROLITE™ D-1038 dispersant offers superior color development when used to disperse a variety of pigments in water-based coating and ink systems. The dispersant is based on an ethoxylated polymer with an HLB of 18. PETROLITE D-1038 dispersant is VOC free, which allows formulators to meet stringent environmental regulations.

Typical Properties

Product Solvent Solids (%) Viscosity @ 25ºC (cps)
ASTM D-3236
Additional Properties
PETROLITE D-1038 dispersant
100% water
Average pH=6.5

Product benefits

PETROLITE D-1038 dispersant offers some unique features that provide multiple benefits when used in water-based coatings and inks.


  • High HLB value
  • Polymeric backbone
  • 100% VOC free


  • Lower dispersant requirements for a range of pigments
  • Efficient pigment dispersing leads to low processing viscosity
  • Enhanced dispersion stability at a wide temperature range
  • Environmentally friendly


Carbon black dispersant: PETROLITE D-1038 dispersant offers superior color development and end gloss when used in water based formulations with a variety of carbon blacks. For best results, a pigment mill base utilizing the dispersant and carbon black should be prepared prior to blending into the final formulation.