About NuCera Solutions

The new NuCera Solutions is a global leader in the development and deployment of specialty polymer solutions for a broad range of markets, with over 85 years of creating innovative customer solutions. We’re pioneers in the development of unique polymerization technologies, with a cutting-edge portfolio of waxes and functional polymers that set new standards for end-product quality and performance. As NuCera, we’re building on the strengths that have made us a successful partner over the decades, and as we move into our new future, we’re ready to create chemistry to help you meet your next challenge.

Solutions for

Markets that Demand Performance

NuCera Solutions helps make your formulations better – enhancing finished product quality in ways that other chemistries don’t. Our R&D and Applications team take a deep dive into your processes and create new solutions to solve challenging applications.

A Focus on R&D and Innovation

NuCera Solutions technology portfolio is based on a decades long focus on innovation – inventing new chemistry and bringing it to market with strong applications research. We offer a number of well-known global brands in the specialty wax and functional polymers sector.

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World-Scale Manufacturing Capability

NuCera Solutions supplies performance chemistry to global markets from our highly flexible manufacturing facilities in Barnsdall, OK, USA. We support this manufacturing capability with R&D and applications laboratories – including pilot plant facilities – in the Southwest USA.

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A Commitment to Your Next Challenge

The people of NuCera Solutions are laser-focused on your manufacturing challenges. We want to understand your goals in-depth and to apply existing or new chemical technology toward the development of comprehensive performance solutions. When you’re ready to take the next step, NuCera Solutions will have answers ready for you.

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